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Here We Go!

A reflection on taking Miniezshop full time.

Photo by @lauraringphotography

Well, by now you know I'm taking Miniezshop full time, but why now?

An explanation for that question requires a bit of a backstory:

Since we got married, my husband Seth & I thought we kind of had a plan. Early 2020 I had decided to give Miniezshop a go "for reals", applied to markets, & started planning in person events, but then... The pandemic.

Change of plans: I had just finished my BAS in Marketing & Entrepreneurship & we both (Seth & I) had construction experience. So, we decided to become WA General Contractors and launched TheNomadicCraftsman. Many many valuable lessons were learned during that time. Most of all, that time is the most limited resource we posses. We love working together, but the stress of "doing it all" started to weigh on us.

Simply put, I felt like an unreliable failure. 

Now this is part that's hard for me to share because there are so many opinions out there. My immune system has always been compromised & not just because of my Type One Diabetes; but my parents raised me to believe I could do anything I set my mind to. Aside from being an extrovert; I enjoyed the pandemic because it was the healthiest time in my life. However, since the summer of 2021 I have not been "unsick" for more than two weeks at a time. Which meant that I'd leave Seth unexpectedly to work alone on our construction projects. So simply put, I felt like an unreliable failure.

I'd gotten into the mindset of sticking it out, trying harder & harder but it wasn't working.

After many deep talks, tears, and encouragement from others, we decided it was time to pivot.

I couldn't really take miniezshop full time... could I? 

But to what? I couldn't really take miniezshop full time... could I?

Well, I can't exactly operate power tools when bronchitis or the flu comes around, but I can definitely sculpt, or edit how to videos, etc, etc. during those times.

Once I allowed myself to think like that, the stress of being unreliable vanished. The creativity that I'd been suppressing for some time began to flow. It felt easy and like the right path.

Now, my challenge is to utilize this beautiful resource we have called time. To create a business space that relieves more stress than it creates. To share my passion for sculpting with others. How will I do this? I have some ideas. They're very big, a little intimidating, but manageable ideas and I cannot wait to share them. So, I hope you stay tuned for this exciting new chapter of Miniezshop: Miniatures & More.

Thanks for reading. Hugs to you & hope you have a great day - Elizabeth, Miniezshop.

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