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All materials included

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Clay bakes in a normal oven

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Builds artistic confidence

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Made ethically in the USA

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Easy to follow instructions

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Therapeutically engaging


Share the Love of Sculpting:

Fall in love with the process, love what

you make and share the experience

or creations with people you love.


A Healthy Outlet:

Sculpting is something tangible you're

in control of. If you can turn a blob into

a beautiful object, just think of what else

you can accomplish or overcome.


Build Confidence:

Artistic confidence increases general

confidence. More confidence and less

stress leads to a better quality of life.


Transparent & Ethical Sourcing:

Miniezshop sourced as many materials

as possible in the USA, with fair wages

and conditions.


Sustainability Measures:

Miniezshop sourced materials from

companies with low environmental

impact standards. Read more... 

Business Transparency:

In this video, Elizabeth explains

the standards she had in place

when making Miniezshops

DIY Sculpting Kits.



of profits donate to JDRF: the leading global organization funding type one diabetes (T1D) research. Learn more here.

Founder Elizabeth spent a large portion of her childhood in hospitals. Sculpting with polymer clay was her way of processing events beyond her control. That's why she wants to share her happy place with you. 


"I'm not artistic... but these kits made me feel like I am!" - a happy sculptor

Share your creations


  • What's The Story Behind The Name?
    My Dad helped me create the name with this logic: I sculpt MINI creations, my initials are E Z & it's a SHOP. Hence, MINI EZ SHOP. My fourteen year old self was very pleased with that combination and my current self still adores the name.
  • How Long Have You Been Sculpting?
    When I was two years old my family went to a funeral. The next day, I had created an entire cemetery complete with a procession line & flowers out of playable dough. Since, sculpting has always been a way for me to process the complexities, sorrows & beauties of life.
  • Did You Study The Arts?
    My Bachelor's Degree is in Marketing & Entrepreneurship and my previous vocation was a General Contractor. So, aside from a lovely art class in middle school, I've had no formal training in the arts. One may say "self taught" but saying so might discount some of the best teachers: Experience & Observation.
  • Do You Make Everything?
    I (Elizabeth) sculpt everything by hand, so each Miniezshop piece is entirely one of a kind. Miniezshops DIY Sculpting Kits are designed and sourced by myself, packaged in-house.
  • Who Runs Miniezshop?
    I have some fantastic mentors & helpers but nearly everything Miniezshop currently offers has been designed, created & is run by myself. From the product photos to editing how-to-videos and from designing this website to managing the finances. I enjoy wearing many hats.

Your Questions Answered:

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