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Thank YOU for 2022!

& an update on where I was in December 2022

Happy New Year!

I hope you’re feeling rested after the holidays.

You may be thinking: "Elizabeth, in October 2022, you said you were taking Miniezshop full time and then you disappeared! What's up with that?"

I have an explanation for you and wowza it's been a four fold whirlwind:

  1. In spite of saying I was taking Miniezshop full time, my husband and I had one last job as general contractors to wrap up. We’d anticipated being done in time for me to focus solely on Miniezshop during the holidays but my health slowed our construction progress. So, I spent all my time either sculpting or building. Meaning, the posts I’d scheduled in October to auto post ran out and I didn’t have time to schedule more or even to look at social media.

  2. On top of that we were in the process of finding my husband a new job which he started Monday, January 2nd. Plus, we move out of the van and into a little house near the job, which was a big (exciting) deal and took a lot of my brain power.

  3. The holiday markets I participated in were bananas. Urban Craft Uprising & Renegade Craft Fair were both multi-day markets. In preparation for this, I'd spent all my extra time sculpting ornaments and other miniatures. However, each day I sold out, so I spent the nights in between the markets sculpting. Plus, a few last minute custom commissions came from the markets so I was busy getting those done and sent in time for the holidays.

  4. Plus you know, spending quality time with family/friends and all.

All that being said, there was no time to prepare/edit/schedule new content for "the socials". Don't worry though! I videoed myself sculpting almost every sculpture during the holidays. Which meant I basically spent the week between Christmas and New Years sleeping and editing videos. Stayed tuned for those. :)

Touching the holiday markets again. There were so many awesome makers and it was great to meet/see them and everyone who came to the markets. Thank you so much to everyone who supported Miniezshop, either by bringing home some sculptures or by cheering me on. I really appreciate you!

Now, I need your help. Since the 2022 holiday season was so busy I'm getting a jump start on sculpting ornaments. Between now and December I'll be sculpting a couple ornaments a week and need your votes/ suggestions!

The goal is to dedicate one hour each day to sculpting fun ornaments. Once a week I want to sculpt the “fan voted ornament of the week” and live stream it for you to view. I’ve got a list of ornaments on my blog (see button above) and you can vote for your favorite.

Last but not least: I wrote a blog post on Miniezshops goals for the new year. So feel free to read that and let me know what you'd like to see from Miniezshop this year?

Thanks for reading, hugs! - Elizabeth (miniezshop)

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