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Happy New Year!

Thinking about 2023 goals...

Photo by @lauraringphotography

Now's traditionally the time of year when we reflect on the growth of the past and try to figure out how to continue growing in the new. So I wanted to share with you my biggest goal for 2023 and it comes from this simple question:

What is my/ Miniezshop's value offering? i.e. what value do I/ Miniezshop give to you?

Once I really asked this question it wasn't hard to come up with an answer, well it'd been percolating for years of course, BUT Miniezshops value offering is…

Sharing the love of sculpting!

and this falls into four/five ish categories, whether it be:

1) People just enjoying watching me sculpt (making videos you enjoy watching)

2) People seeing how much I love sculpting

3/4) People being inspired to love sculpting themselves (either by my example, with my YouTube videos or with my DIY kits) i.e. trying sculpting by themselves or as fun group activity

5) Or people loving and buying what I sculpt and bringing it into their home or sharing it with others.

That’s the value I think Miniezshop has to offer and my goal for 2023 is to share that to the best of my ability. So I appreciate you following along!

What would you like to see me share in 2023?

Thanks for reading, cheers and New Years hugs! - Elizabeth (miniezshop)

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