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Are these Kraken tentacles or Octopi? You can choose which! Either way,  you can take them wherever you go to represent the Puget Sound, or just because you love cephalopods. 
Not only are they adorable but you can feel good knowing they were ethically sculpted by hand. Each charm will have slight variances because, unlike many polymer clay pieces, these little guys are sculpted without cutters or molds. That being said, I weigh the clay before sculpting so that each charm is consistently the same size and do my best to make them all look very similar. This means that your sculpture will be completely unique to you! 


Each charm is sold individually.

Bring one home for you or share some with your cephalopod loving crew.

Be sure to read Additional Info Sections before purchasing.


Thank you so much for supporting Miniezshop!  You're the reason I do a happy dance with each order :) 

Ps. Check out @miniezshop on Instagram, Tiktok or Youtube to see how these charms are made! 




Tentacle Charm/Stitch Marker

  • Because each of your charms are individually made to order the sizes vary slightly but here are the approximate measurements of each:

    Each of these charms are about 3/4- 1 inches "big" by 1/4 inch on either side.

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