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Don't see your favorite animal in miniezshops 2023 collection? Never fear, Elizabeth can sculpt it for you! These ornaments are in the style of the other ornaments (not the detailed custom sculpture ornaments). 


Copyrighted & non-pg items are not an option.


State what animal, and color them you'd like below. If there's a specific pose or thing (like a favorite stuffed animal) you'd like, send a photo to 


Or maybe you want one of the ornaments in miniezshops collection but in a different color or with a custom clay inscription. Let me know below. 


Custom home and pet ornaments are a different product. If you want a custom pet ornament and purchase this ornament, the pet will be in the style of the custom charms: cute and simple.


The chain is "gold colored"


Not only is your sculpture adorable but you can feel good knowing it was ethically sculptured by hand, without molds or cutters. So, no two sculptures are ever the same. Meaning they'll be entirely unique to you!


Be sure to read Additional Info Sections before purchasing.


Thank you so much for supporting Miniezshop, you’re the reason I do a happy dance after each order!

Simple Custom Ornament

  • Your little piece will be about 2 inches big.



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