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A special way to capture your favorite (living or passed) loved ones in a frame you can hang anywhere! Get for yourself or as a special gift.


Each figurine is individually handcrafted with much love to capture your story. No molds or paints are used in my process. This specific custom style has no facial features but the personality of each individual is certainly captured.


To recreate those near and dear to you, place an order and then email the following to


A front photo of the persons to be sculpted, individually and separate.

Each persons hair color, and skin tone.

The outfits and hairstyles you would like them wearing.

Their Ring colors.

Photos of what background you would like them to have or if you would like the background to just be a certain color.

Other photos that capture their personality



How does her hair fall? Does he wear a unique tie? Do they hug a certain way or have a special greeting? Share a bit of their (your) story and these little things will be captured.


If you have any ideas that aren't listed here, let's talk. Once we've discussed the details I will let you know when I can start sculpting your piece. Orders take 2-6 weeks depending on order size, detail, and que length.


If you'd like more information, have questions, or ideas please send an email.


Be sure to read Additional Info Sections before purchasing.


Thank you so much for supporting Miniezshop, you’re the reason I do a happy dance after each order!


PS. Your pets can be sculpted in this style too! In the options: just selected the number you'd like in the "number of people (or pets) section and tell me number of people vs pets you would like in the "additional information" box.

Custom 2Dish Portrait

  • The total size of the clay 2d scenes are about 5 inches x 3 inches depending on the frame.

    Frames are about 6 inches by 4 inches around the outside.

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