Safari Stories, Sayings & Snippets of Tanzania



This book began in Tanzania in 2019. I journaled while we were there and decided to write a book. The process was lovely and laborious. I scanned each page of my notebook on the computer and traced over each sketch with my finger on Adobe Illustrator. 

Then I printed out all the sketches and arranged them on 6"x9" papers that I'd cut. This took up my whole bedroom floor. Then I copied my note from Tanzania onto those pieces of paper (because my original notes looked like chicken scratch). 

Next I scanned each of those pieces of paper back onto the computer. Then I hand traced every single letter of each word on the pieces of paper (with my touch screen laptop) in Adobe Illustrator. I copy and pasted each sketch onto the pages in their proper places, then I printed all the pages to make sure they looked right. 

After that, I exported each page as a PNG file and uploaded it to BookWright. Then I sorted through the 3,000 plus photos I'd taken in Tanzania and arranged the select few on the last pages of the book. 

The next step was to write the intro. That took a while to get just right; but when I finally did (with the help of several sweet folks) I ordered the book from Blurb and self published it, just in time to give the book to my Grandma Jo Jo for Christmas in 2019.

Here is the intro: 

Many years ago, on a ranch in the middle of nowhere Montana, a five year old girl learned about lions. She longed to see lions running in the wild. As the years went by hot air balloons came to the county fairs. The thought of riding in one was exhilarating and when her ranch chores were done she would climb atop the barn roof to look across the plains. She would inch to the edge of the roof and peer over, pretending to be in a hot air balloon high over the Serengeti, searching the ground for lions and the elusive cheetah. The barn cats weren't quite lions or cheetahs, but someday, maybe someday she would see them from a hot air balloon...

The years passed by and other dreams took priority, but she always kept this dream deep in her heart. Finally on her 70th birthday, my grandma, the girl from rural Montana, saw her dream come true. As the sun rose on the new year of 2019, she rode in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti. My mom, dad, sister and I were with her.


The stories, sayings and snippets in this book are the sketches of what I saw, documentations of what touched me,  my photos, and funny conversations captured while bumping along in the truck or sitting by candlelight at our various remote camps.


Now, I share this dream with you... The story where my grandma's dream came true. 


January 2020