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Look at you go with that awesome embroidery project! Add an adorable saguaro cactus needle minder to it for when you need a break to water your lovely plants. 


Bring one home for you or share some with your cacti loving crew.


Not only are they adorable but you can feel good knowing they were ethically sculptured by hand, without molds or cutters. So, no two sculptures are ever the same. Meaning your needle minder will be entirely unique to you!


Be sure to read Additional Info Sections before purchasing.


Thank you so much for supporting Miniezshop, you’re the reason I do a happy dance after each order!

Saguaro Cactus Needle Minder

  • Because each of your cacti & succulent needle minders are individually made to order the sizes vary slightly but here are the approximate measurements of each:

    Barrel Cactus: Approximately 1 1/4 inches x 3/4  inches.

    Classic Saguaro Cactus: Approximately 1 1/4 inches x 7/8 inches.

    Succulent: Approximately 5/8 inches x 3/4 inches.

    The magnet in the needle minder is inset and super glued into the clay and is super secure. Another magnet comes with your order that is unattached to the clay. The clay is a flexible polymer clay called Cosclay and it's very durable. 

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