Harold hadn't a clue, til one day out of the blue, he met Lu. Now best friends are the two, Harold and Lu. Without each other they wouldn't know what to do. But, they'll be even happier with you.


Harold and Lu are made to order sculptures, by MiniezShops Elizabeth.. so your duo will be uniquely yours!

Pieces will be finished within 1 to 4 weeks of order. You will be sent a confirmation email went they are sent.

Harold and Lu are made to order. Half an ounce for one and once ounce for two. Individually they have a circumference of just over one inch and stand one and a half inches tall. 

Thank you so much for supporting MiniezShop!

MiniezShops Elizabeth Zosel Kramer retains all copyrights on these images and these images may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without permission from the artist. DO NOT EAT, DO NOT PUT IN MOUTH, DO NOT SWALLOW!

Harold and Lu

  • All sales are final. My Guarantee: Harold and Lu will be made to last a lifetime, though I haven't been around long enough to give a 50 year guarantee. However, I take the utmost care when handcrafting and shipping your piece. Be careful, the details are intricate and your piece is fragile.. Do not drop them, and dust them off regularly.