Capture your best feline friend in a one of a kind custom sculpture!

Artist Elizabeth will create a lovingly handcrafted figurine made uniquely for you. No molds or paints are used in my sculpting process, just colored clay, readily available tools, my hands and your story. 

Share with me pictures and descriptions of your favorite cat. Special markings, the way your cat tilts his or her head, a specific stance she or he always took, their favorite toy, the way they'd look at you, your favorite memories of your cat. 

Share these with me and I can create a special piece piece, that captures them without words. A piece made to last a lifetime.

To create your cat, place an order and email the following to : 

- A front photo
- A left side photo
- Aright side photo
- A back-tail photo,
- And any photos that capture your friends personality. 
- The more photos the better I can capture your friends unique character. 

- Specify eye color
- Tail length
- Unique markings
- Coloring
- Special collar color
- Funny stances
- Favorite toy
- Say if you would like your friend, sitting, standing, or playing. 

I will reply to your email as soon as possible, confirming your order, and with any additional questions about your cat. 

Your order will be completed two to four weeks after the confirmation email. 

If you have questions, or special requests, please send an email. 

I'm looking forward to working with you and creating a special representation of your best feline friend! 

MiniezShops Elizabeth Zosel Kramer retains all copyrights on these images and these images may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without permission from the artist. DO NOT EAT, DO NOT PUT IN MOUTH, DO NOT SWALLOW!

Custom One of a Kind Handmade Cat Sculpture