This little old lady... She is happy with her geese, and is in the process of adding to her farm. What other animals will she look after? A goat? Alpacas, a cow, a sheep? We shall see...


Each piece is made to order, so yours will be one of a kind. Choose how many geese she comes with.

Pieces will be finished within 1 to 4 weeks of order. You will be sent a confirmation email went they are sent.


She stands 4 3/4 inches tall, is 2 3/4 inches from side to side, 2 inches from front to back, and weighs 3 ounces. 


Each goose stands about 2 inches tall, is 1 inch wide, 1 1/4 inches from front to back and weighs 1/2 an ounce.

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Babushka and Geese