Allie Alpaca

Allie Alpaca


Each tuft of Allie Alpacas fiber was hand rolled delicately by MiniezShops Elizabeth, and placed precisely.. to cover Allies entire clay body with a cheery orange and yellow coat. Not only is she cuter than real Alpacas, doesn't spit or kick, but she oh so badly wants to find a home in your heart. 


Each Allie is made to order, so your alpaca will be uniquely yours.


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MiniezShops Elizabeth Zosel Kramer retains all copyrights on these images and these images may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without permission from the artist. DO NOT EAT, DO NOT PUT IN MOUTH, DO NOT SWALLOW!


    Allie stands three and a half inches tall, just over one inch wide, three inches long and weighs nearly two ounces. DO NOT EAT, DO NOT PUT IN MOUTH, DO NOT SWALLOW!


    All sales are final. My Guarantee: Your Envy alpaca will be made to last a lifetime, but I haven't been around long enough to give a 50 year guarantee. However, I take the utmost care when handcrafting and shipping your piece. Be careful, the details are intricate and your piece is fragile.. Do not to drop them, and dust them off regularly. 


    Shipping is calculated at checkout. Pieces will be finished within 1-4 weeks of order. You will receive an email when your piece is shipped.