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What's Inside Miniezshops DIY Sculpting Kit?

Take a look inside the kit.

The Classic DIY Sculpting Kit

Miniezshop currently makes three types of DIY Sculpting Kits. This includes the Classic Set, the Farm Set & the Safari Set. All the DIY Kits include the same base materials and have different silicone molds to make each animal in the set.

In every DIY Kit there are the following materials:

  • Twelve assorted colors

  • Two sculpting tools

  • Toothpicks in an industrially compostable baggie.

  • An instruction manual

  • A QR code sticker to an instructional video

  • Four silicone mold blocks: One of which for the body & appendages, and three for the three animals specified in each kit.

  • The silicone molds are packed in a clear industrially compostable bag.

Here are the different silicone mold types included in each separate DIY Kit:

  1. The Classic Set: includes three silicone mold blocks to make a dog, a cat and a bear.

  2. The Farm Set: includes three silicone mold blocks to make a cow, a pig and a sheep.

  3. The Safari Set: includes three silicone mold blocks to make an elephant, a lion and a monkey.

Each Kit comes in a six inch by six inch by two inch box made of recycled material that is wrapped in a label that designed by myself. The label has an intro to Miniezshop and also states what's included inside the kit.

You can watch the video of what's include in the kits here:

You can also see how I made the DIY Kits here.

You can purchase your own kit here:

Share your DIY Kit creations with the #miniezshop

Thanks for reading, hugs - Elizabeth (miniezshop)

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