The Tools I use for Sculpting - In Five Stages:

A common sculpting question I get is “what tools do you use?” I created a youtube video, but also figured a full article, with links included would be helpful to answer that question.

The awesome part about sculpting is that anyone (yes you!) can start sculpting with some basic tools that can be found at home.

I looked back on my years of sculpting and compiled a list of the FIVE stages of tools that I’ve gone through. If you’re reading this to figure out what you need for MiniezShop How-to-Sculpt videos, I recommend the tools in Stages 3 and 4.

However, if you need more time to decide how much you like sculpting, the tools in Stages 1 and 2 will do for now. Also, I’ve included some links below of where to purchase the tools, but I highly recommend giving your local art store a call to see if they have the tools I’ve named.


I started sculpting at eight years old with nothing fancy, just these easily accessible household items.

  • Toothpicks