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Starving Artist Poems

A few poems I wrote when contemplating taking Miniezshop full time.

Photo by @lauraringphotography

Starving Artist:

Why'd I have to be born an artist?

Don't you know they starve?

If Van Gough were painting on a street

We'd just bustle by,

Nothing changed.

What if I do?

Erase self imposed expectations

Of what I need to be.

What I need to be...

Is an artist,

Otherwise I'll starve


I need them

Roll them around

Push them out

Into a lump of clay

Until it communicates

What I've observed.


It used to be

What I lacked in experience

I made up for with optimism


What I lack in optimism

I make up for with experience.

A Future Memory:

Another day

Released from my subconscious.

A memory of what

I thought today would be.

An imagined future

but the now is better.


Wander in the positive

Dabble in it pleasantly

& positively pleasant

Will the present be.

Thanks for reading, hugs - Elizabeth (miniezshop)
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