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How I Create Miniezshop's Sculpting Tutorials

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If you've watched Miniezshops YouTube sculpting tutorials you may have wondered how I create the videos. At the time of this post (February 2023) I make no money from YouTube so making the videos is definitely a labor of love.

A video starts with an idea. That idea is either something I've sculpted before and would like to share, or the idea comes from a request someone has made. If it's a request, I first have to figure out how to sculpt it. Then, I come up with a general idea in my head of how I'll explain the sculpting steps. After that, I set up my Canvas lamp on my desk, put a work mat down, gather the necessary tools, prepare the clay (I use Cosclay) and set my phone on the Canvas Lamp.

A fun side note is that I used to stack a bunch of books and boxes on my desk, set a 1x4 board on top of it, over hang my phone from that board and put books on the other side of the board (to balance the phone). The Lamp is a nice upgrade to that.

The clay I use is Cosclay and I'll have a blog soon of the tools I use for sculpting.

Once my set up is ready to go I record the video on my phone. Afterwards I video a little intro with the camera facing me as well.

Then, I send the videos to my iPad and upload them into the free video editing platform: Adobe Premier Rush . Once the videos are on there, the hard work begins. I split the audio from the video and cut out all of the audio pauses. After that, I cut the video portions to match up with the audio. I try to include as much video footage as possible in the videos, while being concise and easy to follow. Next, I choose the background music from Epidemic Sound a royalty free music platform. I import the audio into Adobe Premier Rush and put the background music at about 10 and my vocal instructions at about 50.

After I've watched the video several hundred times and spent several hours editing, I export the video off of the app and into my camera roll. From there, I upload it to my YouTube channel. This takes some time as well. I keep the videos private until they're scheduled to post. Before then I take a photo of the sculpture and upload that photo to Canva where I add words to the photo to make a nice YouTube thumbnail. Then I upload that, and edit the YouTube description, tags and make sure it's ready to go.

Here's the YouTube video I have explaining this process as well as some photos that show snippets of the editing:

As always, I'd love to hear what part of the sculpting process you'd like me to share. Thanks for reading, hugs - Elizabeth (miniezshop)

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