Inspired Pieces


No paint, no molds, just my hands, clay, readily available tools, and a story...


Stories I've experienced in my daily and extreme adventures. Each piece is made to order and unique. 

Click on the collections below to see the full galleries and learn about the inspiration behind these creations.

German Backpacker
Camino Characters
Bus Babushkas
Pieces From Poland
Safari Series
Puddle Jumper
Seattle Series
Funky Farm Folk 2019
Allie Alpaca
Funky Farm Folk 2018
Pumpkins 2018
Feeling Fall 2018
A Door Magnet
Feeling Fall 2019
Jayce the Fox
A Warm Winter 2018
A Warm Winter 2019
A Warm Winter 2019
Phil & Ella
Inspirational Individuals
JMT Tent
Assorted Inspired Creations
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