Meet Elizabeth


Sculpting has been calling her name since the age of two, when her mom gave her play dough. Elizabeth now uses Cosclay. Every piece she creates is sculpted by hand, with no molds. She uses colored clay, not paint, and readily available tools.

The artist behind MiniezShop.


She is a self taught sculptor based in King County, Washington. Her "day job" is a general contractor. Elizabeth loves her family, friends, the outdoors, travel, singing and art. 

Some pieces are inspired by Elizabeths many travels to places such as Tanzania, El Camino De Santiago and the John Muir trail. Other pieces are inspired by the beauty of daily life. She loves creating commissions that capture a special part of people’s lives. All she needs is some photos and stories. 

Elizabeth only recently began illustrating... by sketching in her notebooks as she travelled. She found that by scanning these drawings into Adobe Illustrator and hand tracing each one, her illustrations could be made into unique, cards, stickers and prints. She also enjoys creating custom illustrations, from photos and ideas. 

Each sculpture, sketch and story is formed by thousands of interactions, experiences, events, characters, and subconscious thoughts. These inspirations flow from life into her fingers and move the clay, pencils, and other mediums she works with. MiniezShop is Elizabeth’s way of sharing these inspirations with others. 

Elizabeth also shares her love of sculpting on youtube with MiniezShops how-to videos.