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sharing the love of sculpting

Welcome to the studio of Elizabeth Zosel

Where you find your minis.


About the Artist

Elizabeth is a self taught sculptor with 18 years of polymer clay experience. Everything she makes is sculpted by hand without paints or molds. Spending a large part of her childhood in hospitals, clay helped her process what was beyond her control.
So, she made it her mission to "share the love of sculpting".


Custom Miniature Figurines

Send a photo of your people or pets. Then, Elizabeth will sculpt
your pet memorial sculptures, wedding cake toppers and more.

"Not only does Elizabeth make accurate replicas, she captures the heart of the individuals she sculpts"

- happy customer


Miniezshop Also Teaches Workshops

Sharing the love of sculpting at corporate and private events.

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with new creations, contemplations, classes etc.

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